A Message from the President

To be cliché, it seems like only yesterday I was writing the first of my messages, and this will be my last.  My predecessor(s) left big shoes to fill and following their lead made the path a bit clearer.  Hopefully I have left the path clear for those to come.  This past year as President has been a great experience, and I offer my sincere thanks to all of the membership of whom I have been able to serve and learn from.  Your support in event attendance is the biggest attribute and those numbers have been overwhelming. Our Board and Committee members will continue to strive to seek out and provide relevant topics for dinner meetings, Technical Sessions and social events.  Your input for any future considerations is most welcome. 

Our April and September meetings will showcase our Section’s rich history.  April will include words from our very own Kevin Johnson, Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year, Project of the Year awardees (a total of 9 submissions were received – the most in recent memory), induction of next year’s Officers and Board, and last but not least induction of Life Members.  It has been many years since Life Members have been added to our Section rolls.  Last year President Wright began this process and we were able to complete it this year.  The Life Member honor has been bestowed upon the following members: Mr. Anthony J. Guarino, Mr. Stephen B. Lester, Mr. Philip Mandato, Mr. John J. Peirce, Jr., Mr. Paul C. Peterson, Mr. Richard S. Prentice, Mr. Wallace A. Rutecki, and Mr. Frank M. Vibbert.  When you see or speak with these gentlemen, please offer a congratulations and thanks for their contributions to the Section.

September’s meeting will celebrate our Section’s 50th Anniversary.  This meeting has been well thought out by the Committee with plans for many different activities.  In a recent trip to Disney, I was able to visit the Hall of Presidents, an exhibit celebrating all of our past United States Presidents.  I can honestly tell you there were some past US    Presidents that, even with a gun to my head, I still do not remember learning about in grade school.  This meeting will offer recognition of Past Presidents who molded our Section into what it is today.  I am more comfortable that my memory is much better with our Section’s Past Presidents and honored to be standing amongst those who have served, no guns please.  Please keep September 21, 2016 open on your calendars.

The Presidency of the Section will be in good hands with Mark Kinnee and I ask that you please welcome him and give him your support as you have to me.  Once again, my sincere thanks for all of your support over this past year.  Enjoy this edition of The Times.

Proudly Serving,

Jeff Given, PE
President, ASHE Delaware Valley Section

ASHE Mission Statement:
"Provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable highway system through education, innovation and fellowship."

2015 Project of the Year Application
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ASHE DVS 2015-16 Scholarship
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Bob Shaw 2015-16 Scholarship
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Pat Dougherty 2015-16 Scholarship
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ASHE Del Val Section Bylaws
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